What’s the worst question...

for a customer to ask themselves when looking at your website?

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

How many of us, as consumers, have been reviewing a website for a product or service we are interested in and get to the point we are ready to buy and then ask ourselves

Where is it?

We are looking for the buy button. Many business websites make it an adventure to start the buying process. The buy or contact button is hidden somewhere on the home page or isn’t even on the home page. It gets buried on another page.

For creativity sake, businesses will focus on their story, passion, and fabulous images, instead of making it easy for the customer to buy.

Gone are the days where websites act as the encyclopedia of business. Now some of that detailed information is needed but the primary purpose of a business website should be to make it easy for customers to buy their product. After accomplishing that the rest of the information can be posted elsewhere on the site.

Everyone has learned that the site index is at the bottom of the home page. Either go there to find what you need or do a search on the site.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

The key thing you must do is make the call to action button easy to find and repeat it many times so a customer can act immediately when they decide to take the next step. I recommend the buy button first appear in the top right corner of the home page and every page thereafter. Then post it several more times throughout the home page and on other pages as appropriate.

Don’t make your customers ask themselves where the buy button is.

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