Getting Your Message Right!

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A few weeks ago, in a post titled One Dime Down! I highlighted a radio commercial that, for all its creativity lost the message and thus is ineffective. Today I want to showcase one that I find to be simple, clear, a bit boring, but the message is the same and is repeated over and over. After the first few words, I know the message. It's been imprinted on my brain that if I have a tax problem, I have a legal problem, and I need to call Lance R. Drury. His exact phrase is "if you have tax issues, then you have legal issues and you need an attorney. Call Lance R. Drury. Not only can I repeat it in my head, I hear it in his voice.

It couldn't be any simpler. If I have that problem, It's serious, and he's the solution. Easy as 1, 2, 3. I know who I'm calling if I receive a letter from the IRS.

Creativity in your messaging is there to attract and draw in the customer. But if it's allowed to overtake the message so that the point gets lost, then you are wasting your money, and your marketing ROI drops.

Above anything else, make sure your message is clear!

What's the point in advertising if your customer doesn't get the point!

At Shockwave Marketing Systems, we help business owners who are frustrated with their marketing results by taking them through a four-step process to clarify their marketing, save time and money, and build sales.

Getting your message right is step 1. Through a few exercises we'll help you find the clarity your marketing needs to get the better results you are looking for.

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