3 things I learned from my year-end review?

I conducted my year-end review yesterday. There were a number of things I realized during the process.

First, while you are always battling in the real world. The war occurs in your head.

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You may be thinking ”Duh! That’s obvious.” Yet, the world keeps you busy and wears you down to the point that you forget this. I have to admit many times in 2019 I got wrapped up with the challenges I was facing and let it negatively impact me. By reviewing my calendar and activities I saw times when I was in a funk. I’m getting better at recognizing this and implementing some life hacks to improve. I ran across a simple statement in an article on Medium.com late last year that I’ve begun to repeat daily. “I go where I look!” It’s like a rubber band snap to the wrist to remind me to control my thinking. Another mental memory phrase I use is “Control, Alt, Delete.” This means Control your mind, alter your thinking, and delete the negativity. I must get better at mastering my thoughts and focus in order to control my destiny. With these tools and others, I’m doing that.

Second, it may take a long time to find good referral partners but keep at it. They are incredible when you find them.

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In my case, it took a year of monthly meetings for the relationship to blossom into a referral situation. Positive benefits were occurring throughout the year, but the referral finally occurred right near the year mark. Frankly finding a good referral partner is a false statement because in most cases referral partners are built or developed from a quality relationship. To do this, you must network a lot. Much of that effort will not pay any dividends. But, you must continue working to develop relationships for mutual benefit. It is evident that time was needed for my relationship to develop the trust needed to make quality referrals possible.

Finally, Take time to evaluate your actions and productivity from a higher perspective more than once per year.

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In my old restaurant days, we called it looking from 30,000 feet. Obviously, at ground zero you were in the thick of it and can see only what’s in front of you. At 30,000 feet you have a full view of your overall direction and effectiveness. Boy or boy, did I find significant times that I was focusing on a partner I traded with instead of prospecting and networking. Don't wait till year’s end to do a 30,000-foot review, consider looking back each quarter or even after each month to assess your position.

These are just three things I learned while conducting my personal review. I'd be interested in hearing things you've learned when you took the time to analyze your recent past. Please share your thoughts.

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